CastleFest 2018 Ultrasound Event

It’s back!

The World Famous CastleFest Ultrasound Conference is happening again. All the incredible instructors, amazing social events, and the entire experience...just better...and more personalized. So here’s what we’re doing. Everyone knows and loves CastleFest. It’s a great educational experience. The one big issue we’ve had is how to teach such a large group that has such specific needs. There are those trying to learn how to scan mixed in with ultrasound directors who have been scanning for 15 years and just trying to go to the next level. So, we’re going to divide those groups up. You decide. Do you want to attend CastleFest Core or CastleFest Plus?

  • CastleFest CORE

      This course is for you if you just want to take incredible care of your patients. You’ll learn all the essentials and core elements of bedside ultrasound from world class instructors. The topics covered will be:

    1. Physics/Knobology
    2. Cardiac
    3. Vascular Access
    4. Aorta
    5. Appendix
    6. Soft Tissue
    7. Gallbladder
    8. Pelvic/Pregnancy
    9. Renal
    10. Ocular
  • CastleFest PLUS

      This course is for you if you’re already pretty close to an ultrasound master. You can get all 5 views of the heart with your eyes closed! You’re already teaching others. You just want to really take it to the next level and learn the most advanced, cutting edge techniques in the world of bedside ultrasound. Things like TEE, diastology, and advanced nerve blocks and MSK. If that’s you, then we can’t wait to see you there!

    1. Right Heart
    2. Diastology
    3. TEE…..or TOE
    4. Wall Motion Abnormalities
    5. Fluid Responsiveness
    6. Injections
    7. Aspirations
    8. Regional Anesthesia
    9. Musculoskeletal
  • ResusFest

      Cutting edge 2 day resuscitation course taught by the world's foremost experts in critical care and resuscitation. Featuring instructors such as: Weingart, Mallemat, Bellezo, Shinar, Muhr, Arntfield, Jean Francois, Maxime, and Zaffer!

    1. ECMO
    2. REBOA
    3. TEE
    4. Advanced Airway
    5. Ventilator Wizardry
    6. Workshops
    7. Tons of Hands on